Patrick Schaber, Sr. B2B​ Marketing Executive

​Heidi jump-started our social media activity, worked to get a website launched​,​ and created collateral that truly told the JDL story. She also took it upon herself to start ramping up our video and event marketing efforts​.

Patrick Schaber
B2B​ Marketing Executive

Loren Jacobs, Managing Partner Interim Marketing Management​

Heidi did an awesome job of developing and implementing a social media and content strategy. She listens well to not just what is said but the underlying need. ​She ​developed F​acebook​ posts, ​PR​arti​c​les​, ​and blogs for multiple websites.

Loren Jacobs
Managing Partner Interim Marketing Management​

Juergen Steinmetz publisher, eTurboNews

It is a pleasure to work with Heidi. Her professionalism, creativity, and energy are apparent in her every output. As the Publisher of eTurboNews, I interact with public relations and marketing professionals daily from around the world. Heidi is ahead of the rest. She has an instinctive knack for communications (both traditional and social media) and fostering strategic alliances. Heidi is a spectacular brand ambassador. Heidi is always on the target. I received e-mails from Heidi at any hour of the day or night. For me Heidi is .travel – and a good friend.

Juergen Steinmetz

Edward A. Cespedes, CEO, Tralliance, The Travel Registry

Heidi is the definition of a marketing and public relations professional. She is an excellent leader and team player.

Edward A. Cespedes

Michael Stone, CTIE, President, Founder, Gestation, Inc.

Heidi was a pleasure to work with. She carried out her marketing and public relations duties with exceptional skill, managing an always challenging role with ease and professionalism. She always demonstrated a keen ability to grasp what needed to be done with a focus and can do attitude that helped her get the job done.

Michael Stone

Stuart Green, Owner, Level 9 Digital, LLC

Heidi is extremely creative, hard-working and on top of her game. My company (Level 9 Digital) implemented many of Heidi’s marketing efforts for .travel, including the website and email newsletters. Heidi’s creative direction and attention to detail resulted in a website I am very proud to include in my portfolio. Heidi always has surprises up her sleeve and creative marketing ideas that are memorable. I’m always eagerly waiting to see what she will think of next, knowing it will be as effective as it is unexpected.

Stuart Green

Chuck Kisselburg, Director,

Heidi has always been a pleasure to work with. I know Heidi through her work with .Travel. Not only is her energy boundless she is always looking for ways to increase the visibility for her organization; in other words she is never one to be at a loss for good ideas. Being a social networking enthusiast I have been impressed at the innovative techniques Heidi has used in the promotion of .Travel. Taking on a travel blog to promote destinations around the country is a great, subtle way to promote .Travel’s brand while at the same time making the information interesting and educational. Such a technique is well noted as the best form of social networking practices. I have also enjoyed the level of professionalism Heidi brings to her initiatives.

Chuck Kisselburg

Celeste V. Allen, CFO/President/CEO/Consultant, CERTIFIED VACATIONS GROUP, INC. and affiliates

Heidi is a high energy “go getter”, has an awesome work ethic, and is an enthusiastic and creative problem solver. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heidi and respected her as a highly effective team oriented executive who always figures out a way to get the job done.

Celeste V. Allen

Thomas Barrett, President, EnCirca, Inc.

Heidi brought a high level of energy and intense focus to the marketing and promotion of the .travel brand. She has been a great asset in keeping the purpose of the .travel domain alive in the global marketplace.

Thomas Barrett

Henry Woodman, President of ICE Portal

Everybody loves Heidi should be the name of this recommendation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and found she’s one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable people in the industry. Do yourself a favor and do business with Heidi.

Henry Woodman

Matias Avenali, Director, B2B e-travel Marketing

Besides being a great person, Heidi is a great professional. Talking and writing to her is always a pleasure. There is no need to explain an idea twice or ask for follow up as she gets the idea immediately and then she has a creative spin for it. As the Director of B2B e-travel Marketing, Heidi is the person I would like to have on my team.

Matias Avenali

Gary Fee, President, Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)

Heidi Siefkas is a very tenacious lady and has great follow up skills and would be an asset to any company.

Gary Fee

Frederic Servieres, Managing Director,

I met Heidi while working on a Consulting assignment for Tralliance. I was able to witness firsthand the impact that her arrival at Tralliance had on .travel. As Vice president of Marketing and Public Relations, she successfully and rapidly raised the global awareness of the top level domain .travel. She achieved this by combining skillful marketing and PR campaigns with the attendance of numerous major travel and tourism events around the world, during which she conducted dozens of interviews, meetings and panel discussions with key industry players. I was – and I remain – greatly impressed by Heidi’s sheer drive and determination, dynamism and boundless energy.

Frederic Servieres

Birger Backman, Chairman of The Travel Partnership Corporation

Heidi is an excellent and fast-working Public Relations person who quickly grasps the idea and put it into words and action.

Birger Bäckman

Ilana Golan, Founder of Career Leap

​I ​bring Heidi every few months into my executive program to give an interactive workshop on “How to write a Great LinkedIn Article”. The workshop is a HUGE hit! Heidi is professional and fun, giving ​extremely valuable writing tips as well as marketing ideas.

Jared Kushi, CEO at Hawaiiverse and Koosh Media

Heidi was a pleasure to work with and a great asset to our team. She spearheaded the copy for Hawaiiverse’s email automation onboarding campaigns. She created an editorial calendar for our blog and crafted unique blog posts. Additionally, she wrote our sponsorship packet as well as prepared various presentation decks for investors, sponsors, and partners. I’d recommend Heidi for any content marketing position and would be an asset to any team!